Mike Hiltz | Systems Administrator

//README Working since 2011 in the information technology sector I know that this is where I want to be. Constantly challenged and learning. After completing an advanced diploma for Computer Systems from Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario I was presented with the challenge of turning theory and lectures in physical systems. I was given an opportunity to work as a Junior Server Administrator for a kitchen manufacturer based out of Mississauga where I would pick up the base of my experience. Working there just over a year I had moved to the position of systems administrator within the organization and would eventually take on a Senior Systems position. Working with such a large team with many developers brought to light many aspects of the job that I had not yet been exposed to but quickly adopted understanding of both networking and hardware. I have taken both the VMware VCP5-DCV and XenApp 6.5 training. In 2015 I made the shift to putting my knowledge and skills to use with the OPP where every day I take on new and tasks I never thought I would be doing. The work is intruiging and fast paced. I also run a few small side projects that keep me busy with the occasional consulting. Below is a timeline outlining my schooling and work history.

//projects Some of my passions include working with my home virtual cluster, processing power is just above 23GHz and 47GB of ram. I also enjoy working with distributed hash cracking utilizing GPU clients locally and over the WAN. If im not doing any of those things you can find me working on a quick article on my site or building something new.
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//contact You can reach out to me by email. A PDF version of my resume can be found here.

Mike Hiltz | 2O18